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The Analog Mechanical Keyboard

Wooting one is the first tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with analog input for precise control in games. Experience a new level of gaming and take full control over your game, unlike any keyboard you've ever used before.

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We aimed for the best mechanical keyboard for gaming and it can only get better with your support.

Analog explained

Unplug your controller, you don’t need it anymore, now you have Wooting one for all your analog movement.

Analog input

The Wooting one reads exactly how far down you’ve pressed a key for analog input.

You can immediately use it in games to precisely control your movement speed and turns.

Experience an Analog Keyboard

Action games

Take full control of your in-game character. Make those quick peaks without exposing yourself to enemy fire. Strafe just a bit slower for that extra accuracy. Sneak up on your enemy for a surprise attack. Walk over small edges in full control. Or just stop making jerk-movements around the NPC you're trying to follow.

Racing games

Take full control of the gas throttle and steering wheel. Control your speed for those sharp turn. Take those slight turn without key tapping. Make fine steering adjustments during those drifts. Or use your full control to finally drive as a well-behaved citizen in GTA… if that’s possible.

Modding Community

Do you have a bright idea how to use analog keys? Customize analog functions for each game with our software or get started yourself and program your own analog function. The possibilities are endless.
Share your ideas with us!

"Never switch between a controller and keyboard on a PC anymore"

Wooting one features

Not only can it read analog input, it’s also an awesome mechanical keyboard

TenKeyLess Keyboard

We dropped the numpad for a better left- to right hand distance without sacrificing functionality. It’s convenient to bring and requires less desk space. Great for those LAN gatherings fitting 3 people on 1 table.

Flaretech red switch

A real optical switch that works at the speed of light, lasts a lifetime and as a bonus they’re swappable. Learn more...

RGB backlit

We don’t like fully lit christmas tree keyboards, but we do like choice. Customize the backlit keys to your favorite RGB color and get visual feedback on your analog input.

Detachable braided cable

Who doesn’t love braided cables? If you don’t, then you can unplug it for your own Micro-USB cable. Don’t sweat the size, the unique cable gutter can hold any cable.

Smart Fn layout

All the function buttons within easy right-hand reach, because the left is too busy on the WASD. If you don’t like finger acrobats with the Fn key, then you can toggle it on/off with the DEL key.

Swappable top plate

Our taste is not your taste, that’s why you can swap the top plate for another color and match your keycaps.

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Wooting isn’t your regular gaming company relying on heavy marketing and big distribution networks. We’re a bunch of gamers that wanted to make gaming more awesome, but just like any MMO game, you form a group to achieve amazing in- game feats. That’s why we want to group up with you, so that together we can make awesome things for gaming.

Send us feedback, suggestions, ideas or jokes on our social media. We won't bite, get involved!

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